We take great pride in the art of a “fine” tune. Not only will it ensure you’re getting maximum turning performance out of your skis, but it also makes your day on the mountain much better:

  • A good edge can dramatically affect the way your skis slide and turn on the snow, particularly on icy conditions. Dull edges will not grip the snow and allow ski to bend into a turning arc causing skidded turns. Having sharp edges can make all the difference between an epic and terrible day.
  • Those in the know, know structure is king, and we have the ability to put a base structure on your skis to match whatever snow conditions arise.

SKI TUNING in 5 Steps

  • Analyzing Damage. Skis are cleaned thoroughly and inspected for any scratches or core shots. Minor lengthwise gouges under foot will not affect performance. Gouges across the base or any gouge in the extremities require repair.
  • Base Repair. Gouges, grooves and scratches are filled with base repair material and melted to bond.
  • Base Structure. If you look carefully at a quality ski or snowboard base, you’ll notice that it’s not smooth but actually has a pattern of grooves and/or tiny dimples in it. This “structure” helps break the suction between your base and the snow and lets you slide faster. The base will also absorb wax better with the proper structure. In the event of damage to your base structure from sustained use, rocks, or heavy scraping, the base must be restructured. A proper stone grind done by our skilled technicians with the right machinery is the best way to restructure your bases.
  • Edge Tuning. Side edge bevels are commonly 1° – 2° with the high number indicating a more acute angle to penetrate farther into hard snow. Too little side edge bevel can cause a ski to skid and too acute a bevel can cause the edge to knife into the snow and “rail”. Our revolutionary WINTERSTEIGER Ceramic Disc Finish Machine will do the most precise edge angles.
  • Waxing. Regular use of wax allows you to glide and turn easily and protects your base. Wax in a ski base is as important as oil in your auto engine. Gliding over snow slowly releases wax to give a lubricating layer between your base and snow. Tuning is finished with hot waxing. You now have a perfectly tuned ski that is ready to rip it up on the slopes! Have fun!


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